Academic Catalog

Sustainable Hospitality (SHO)

EKU Campus

SHO 341. Sustainable Hospitality. (3 Credits)

(A). An examination of the history, purpose, and global practices in sustainable hospitality and tourism. Special attention to initiatives, organizations, and stakeholders that support sustainable hospitality development.

SHO 410. Multigenerational Programming. (3 Credits)

(A). An exploration of hospitality and tourism programming to meet the needs of individuals across the lifespan. Emphasis on developmentally appropriate activities and programs within each sector of the hospitality and tourism industry.

SHO 420. Sustainable Global Practices. (3 Credits)

(A). Pre-requisite SHO 341. Analysis of sustainable global practices in hospitality and tourism industries. Application of sustainable practices in a variety of sectors incorporating system approaches.

SHO 460. Universal Sustainable Design. (3 Credits)

(A). An exploration of universal design and sustainable practices utilized in hospitality and tourism industries to support inclusivity and social justice.

SHO 475. Promoting Hospitable Exp. (3 Credits)

(A). Pre-requisite GHT 310. A study of strategies used to enhance and promote the hospitality and tourism experience. Includes tourism branding, service culture development, and marketing.