Academic Catalog

Master of Public Health (MPH)

EKU Campus

MPH 800. Env. Health Research Process. (3 Credits)

A. Formerly EHS 800. Cross-listed with ESS 800. Provides the student with an in-depth exploration of the public health/environmental health paradigm using instruction and hands on experience in the application of quantitative and qualitative analysis in the public and environmental health arena. Credit will not be awarded to students who have credit for ESS 800 or EHS 800.

MPH 810. Human Behavior Change. (3 Credits)

A. Formerly HEA 810. This course examines selected theories and models of health behavior relevant to health promotion in individuals and communities. Students will analyze biological, psychological, sociological, and environmental influences on behavior, and evaluate strategies for health promotion.

MPH 816. Public Health Org and Admin. (3 Credits)

A. Formerly HEA 816. In-depth exploration of the myriad of forces impacting public health organization and administration at local, state, and national level; the relationship between legislative action, effectiveness of public health efforts, and future of public health.

MPH 825. Public Health Planning. (3 Credits)

A. Cross-listed as HEA 825. The study of the planning tools required for the administration and implementation of public health programs. Credit will not be awarded to students who have credit for HEA 825.

MPH 830. Biostatistics in Health Sci. (3 Credits)

A. Formerly HEA 830. This course is an introduction to basic concepts of statistics as applied to public health. Major topics to be covered include descriptive statistics, theoretical distributions, probability, estimation, hypothesis testing, correlation, analysis of variance, and regression.

MPH 835. Survey of PH Statistical Analy. (3 Credits)

A. Prerequisite: MPH 830 or departmental approval. Formerly EHS 835. A survey course of the commonly used public health statistical programs for analysis of data, such as SPSS, SAS, Minitab, and Stata. Emphasis placed on applying statistical analysis using public health data.

MPH 840. Rsrch Mthds in Public Health. (3 Credits)

II. Emphasis will be on identifying a public health research problem, constructing hypotheses, selecting a research design and statistical analyses, and interpreting findings of the study.

MPH 850. Intro to Envir. Health Science. (3 Credits)

A. Formerly EHS 850. Study of the effects of the environment on personal and public health related to water and waste water treatment, air pollution, food hygiene, disease vectors, waste disposal, radiation, noise, institutions, etc. as they link to chronic and communicable diseases.

MPH 855. Principles of Epidemiology. (3 Credits)

A. Formerly HEA 855. A study of the distribution and determinants of disease and injury. Research methodologies for human research and disease surveillance techniques will be emphasized.

MPH 895. Public Health Capstone. (1 Credit)

II.This capstone course will allow students the opportunity to integrate and apply competencies acquired through the MPH program to problems likely to be encountered in public health practice. The course is designed to partially meet the integrated learning experience requirement for students in the program.