Academic Catalog

Ornamental Horticulture (OHO)

EKU Campus

OHO 115. Operation of Horticultural Equipment. (2 Credits)

(2) I. Lecture, laboratory anf field experiences related to horticultural power equipment, and their safe operation, including hydraulics, electricity chemical and maintenance facilities. 1 Lec/2 Lab.

OHO 131. Plant Science. (3 Credits)

A. Corequisite: OHO 132. Principles of plant growth, reproduction and plant-soil relationships. Provides foundations of information for further study in agricultural and horticultural crop production and soil management. Credit will not be awarded to students who have credit for AGR 130.

OHO 132. Plant Science Laboratory. (1 Credit)

I. Corequisite: OHO 131. Laboratory and field experiences related to plant growth, development, and management of crops. Credit will not be awarded to students who have credit for AGR 131.

OHO 301. Directed Work Experience. (1-4 Credits)

I, II. A minimum of three hours per week per hour of credit using university or other approved facilities. May be retaken for a maximum of 4 credit hours.

OHO 304. Horticulture Pest Management. (4 Credits)

(4). II. Identification of the principle horticulture insect, disease, and weed pests in the transition zone. Control measures are identified with special emphasis on the safe use of chemicals and equipment calibration. Credit will not be awarded for both OHO 304 and AGR 304. 3 Lec/2 Lab.

OHO 349. Applied Learning in Horticulture. (1-8 Credits)

A. Work under faculty and field supervisors in placements related to academic studies. One to eight hours credit per semester or summer. Total hours: eight, associate; sixteen, baccalaureate. A minimum of 80 hours work required for each academic credit.

OHO 351. Turf Grass Management. (4 Credits)

I. Prerequisite: AGR 215. The establishment and maintenance of greenspaces utilizing turfgrass species and cultivars adapted to variable intensities of culture. Relationships of environmental factors and cultural practices are emphasized. 3 Lec/2 Lab.

OHO 353. Sports Turf Management. (3 Credits)

(3) A. Management techniques for today's specialized athletic fields. The agronomic aspects of football, soccer, baseball, and some specialty fields are presented. Field trips and classroom exercises develop a practical understanding of field construction and management.

OHO 354. Irrigation Systems and Horticultural Equipment. (3 Credits)

I. An introduction to irrigation systems, their design and installation for efficient water utilization. Lecture and field experiences related to horticultural power equipment and their safe operation. 2 Lec/ 2 Lab.

OHO 362. Topics in Landscape Gardening. (1 Credit)

A. Students may enroll once in each topic for a total of seven hours. OHO 362A Home Landscape Option. OHO 362D Disease and Insect Control Option. OHO 362E Floral Design Option. (2 credit hours: 1 Lec/2 Lab) OHO 362F Lawn Establishment and Maintenance Option. OHO 362G Problems of Golf Course Operation Option. OHO 362K Interior Plantscaping Option.

OHO 362E. Floral Design Option. (2 Credits)

A. An Option in Landscape Gardening.

OHO 362G. Problems of Golf Course Operation Option. (1 Credit)

OHO 364. Advanced Floral Design. (2 Credits)

A. The study and practice of advanced floral design techniques; includes construction of conventional and contemporary floral designs. 1 Lec/2 Lab.

OHO 365. Plant Identification. (3 Credits)

I. Study of plants used in horticulture (including landscape and specialty crops) including their biological identification, ornamental features, environmental adaptation, utilization, and management. 2Lec/2Lab.

OHO 366. Plant Identification. (2 Credits)

A. Study of plants used in landscaping and nursery production including their biological identification, ornamental features, environmental adaptation, utilization, and management 1 Lec/2 Lab.

OHO 368. Landscape Design Using CAD. (2 Credits)

(2) I. Introduces computer aided design (CAD) for landscape design. The course also provides experience in the use of commercially available programs for landscape design, project managemnt, pricing, and bid preperation. 4 Lab.

OHO 370. Landscape Operations Management. (3 Credits)

II. Management of labor, estimating and bidding along with basic maintenance of trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants in the landscape operation. 2 Lec/2 Lab.

OHO 372. Horticulture Retail and Wholesale Management. (2 Credits)

A. The design, development, and management of a retail/wholesale outlet for horticultural products. Students will develop a model retail/wholesale business including all phases of applied sciences such as business record keeping. 1 Lec/2 Lab.

OHO 373. Fruit Production. (3 Credits)

(3) a. Study of domestic and commercial production practices of fruits including identification, agricultural and environmental characteristics, horticulture, and marketing. Fruits include tree fruits, vines, brambles, and soft fruits. 2 Lec/2 Lab.

OHO 374. Vegetable Production. (3 Credits)

(3) A. Study of domestic and commercial production of vegetables including identification, agricultural and enviromental characteristics, horticulture, and marketing. 2 Lec/2 Lab.

OHO 375. Post Harvest Technology of Horticultural Crops. (3 Credits)

(3) A. The science and procedures for handling, packaging, storing and transporting fresh fruits, vegetables and ornamentals.

OHO 388. Greenhouse Operation and Management. (3 Credits)

II. Plant propagation and growing techniques in a greenhouse. The student learns operation procedures and the economics of operating a greenhouse and using cold and hot frames. 2 Lec/2 Lab.

OHO 391. Landscape Design and Methods. (3 Credits)

A. Prerequisite: OHO 365. Elements of design and the execution of the landscape architect plan, introduction to CAD and project management. 1 Lec/4 Lab.

OHO 392. Landscape Construction Techniques. (3 Credits)

II. Comprehensive study of common landscape construction materials and their use in current landscape applications. Class will include laboratory exercises involving the construction of such components as retaining walls, water features, decks, and patios.

OHO 410. Independent Study in Horticulture:___. (1-3 Credits)

I, II. Prerequisite: Departmental approval. Cross listed as AGR 410. Students choose a problem and work under the supervision of the instructor in the field of the problem. Student must have the independent study proposal form approved by faculty supervisor and department chair prior to enrollment. May be retaken for a maximum of 6 credit hours provided topics are different. Credit will not be awarded to students who have credit for AGR 410.

OHO 498. Turf Grass Capstone. (3 Credits)

(3) A. Prerequisites: OHO351 or 353, and Junior or Senior standing. A comprehensive review of information pertinent to managing turfgrass areas that will enhance graduate's ability to stay within budget, stay on task with seasonal work, and prepare for industry offered certification exams.

OHO 499. Horticultural Issues Capstone. (3 Credits)

(3) A. Prerequisite: OHO 349 and Junior or Senior standing. This course provides students with an in-depth examination of the issues facing contemporary horticultural managers including management principles, ethical considerations, and delivery of a quality product or service.