Academic Catalog

Ed Leadership & Counsel Ed (EDD)

EKU Campus

EDD 901. Orientation to Doc Studies. (3 Credits)

A. A required orientation course that introduces students to programs, faculty, resources, and expectations for individual and group scholarship.

EDD 902. Intro to Quant Res Methods. (3 Credits)

A. This course is an introduction to the use of quantitative research methods in education. Topics include measures of central tendency, measures of variability, correlation, regression, testing statistical hypotheses, and research design.

EDD 903. Qualitative Research. (3 Credits)

A. Orientation to philosophical foundations, major theoretical approaches, methodology, and analysis in qualitative research.

EDD 904. App Res: Eval, Sur, & Gr Writ. (3 Credits)

A. Applications of research methods to include elements of program evaluation, survey design, and grant writing approaches. The course emphasizes the development of specific program planning and evaluation concepts, research design, survey development and grant writing as related to the program planning process.

EDD 905. Analysis of Research Lit. (3 Credits)

A. A core doctoral course designed to instruct students on writing wellstructured, critical literature reviews. The course covers topic selection, searching and managing literature data, notetaking techniques, assessing and synthesizing extant literature, and writing, editing, and proofreading strategies.

EDD 906. Dissertation Practicum. (3 Credits)

A. Prerequisite: Admission to the doctoral program in educational leadership or counselor education, EDD 901,902,903, and 904; or department approval. Intended for advanced educational leadership and counselor education students, this course focuses on applying research methods and critiquing relevant literature for designing the doctoral dissertation proposal.

EDD 907. Intermed Quant Research Meth. (3 Credits)

A. Formerly EDL 812. Prerequisite: EDD 902 or departmental approval. Examination of intermediate quantitative research methods including multiple regression, analysis of variance and covariance, discriminant analysis, and factor analysis. This course emphasizes practice and application of statistical analysis for evidence-based decisions and research. Credit will not be awarded to students who have credit for EDL 812 or 952.

EDD 908. Adv Qualitative Research Meth. (3 Credits)

(3) A. Prerequisite: EDD 903 or departmental approval. Examination of intermediate qualitative research methods. Emphasis is on advancing techniques for data collection, data analyses, and write up with emphasis on practice and application. Includes practice with Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA) software. Credit will not be awarded for both EDL 953 and EDD 908. Part III.

EDD 999. Dissertation. (1-3 Credits)

A. Formerly EDL 999. Prerequisite: Departmental approval. Completion and defense of a research dissertation appropriate to concentration. Course is repeatable for a maximum of 24 hours. A minimum of 12 hours is required for degree completion.