Academic Catalog

AFS Aerospace Studies (AFS)

EKU Campus

AFS 111. Aerospace Studies I. (1 Credit)

I. This course deals with the Air Force in the contemporary world through a study of the total force structure, strategic offensive and defensive forces, general purpose forces, and aerospace support forces.

AFS 112. Leadership Seminar. (1 Credit)

I. Introduces Air Force customs and courtesies, drill and ceremonies, and wear of the uniform. The course also includes a discussion of career opportunities in the Air Force.

AFS 113. Aerospace Studies I. (1 Credit)

A continuation of AFS 111.

AFS 114. Leadership Seminar. (1 Credit)

I. A course designed to develop managerial skills including superior/subordinate relationships, communications, customs and courtesies, basic drill movements and career progression requirements. Credit will not be granted toward the hours requirements for the degree. Pass/fail only.

AFS 211. Aerospace Studies II. (1 Credit)

I. This course is a study of air power from balloons and dirigibles through the jet age. It is an historical review of air power employment in military and nonmilitary operations in support of national objectives; and a look at the evolution of air power concepts and doctrine.

AFS 212. Leadership Seminar. (1 Credit)

I. Air Force customs, courtesies and opportunities are emphasized. The cadet is prepared for individual, flight and squadron movements in drill and ceremonies.

AFS 213. Aerospace Studies II. (1 Credit)

A continuation of AFS 211.

AFS 214. Leadership Seminar. (1 Credit)

II. Emphasis on preparing cadets for attendance at field training during succeeding summer.

AFS 311. Aerospace Studies III. (3 Credits)

I. Prerequisite: acceptance into the professional officer course. A study of management functions with emphasis on the environment. Individual motivational and behavioral process, communication, and group dynamics are included for the development of professional skills.

AFS 312. Aerospace Seminar. (1 Credit)

I. Involves the cadets in advanced leadership experiences to prepare for active duty. Cadet responsibilities include planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, and controlling the activities of the cadet corps and preparing briefings and written communications.

AFS 313. Aerospace Studies III. (3 Credits)

II. Prerequisite: AFS 311. A study of leadership with specific emphasis on the Air Force leader. Includes theoretical, professional, and communicative aspects. In addition, military justice and administrative law are discussed within the context of the military organization.

AFS 314. Leadership Seminar. (1 Credit)

I. Cadets continue preparations for fulfilling leadership positions as an active duty Air Force officer.

AFS 411. Aerospace Studies IV. (3 Credits)

I. Prerequisites: AFS 311 and 313. A study of the military profession, civil-military interactions, communication skills, framework of defense policy, and formulation of defense strategy.

AFS 412. Leadership Seminar. (1 Credit)

I. Involves the cadets in higher level advanced leadership experiences. In addition, the cadets receive a final block of instruction for Initial Commissioned Service.

AFS 413. Aerospace Studies IV. (3 Credits)

II. Prerequisite: AFS 411. Continues the study of strategy and the management of conflict, formulation and implementation of U.S. defense policy, defense organization, and case studies in defense policy making.

AFS 414. Leadership Seminar. (1 Credit)

II. Cadets prepare for Initial Commissioned Service by fulfilling advanced leadership positions. Continued emphasis on group dynamics and the role of future leaders in the Air Force.

AFS 495. Independent Work. (2-6 Credits)

A. Prerequisite: approval of professor of aerospace studies. Student must have the independent study proposal form approved by faculty supervisor and department chair prior to enrollment. A study of an advanced problem on an aerospace subject under the guidance of the Chairman of the Department of Aerospace Studies.