Academic Catalog

MUH Music History (MUH)

EKU Campus

MUH 171. Music Appreciation. (3 Credits)

I, II. May not count toward a music major or minor. Provides the general college student with a cultural background in music. Masterpieces of music, composers, and techniques presented through listening materials and concert attendance. Gen. Ed. Element 3A.

MUH 271. Jazz History. (3 Credits)

I, II. A listening survey course tracing the development of jazz from its roots in the music of West Africa, African American folk music, and European music styles to the present. Gen. Ed. Element 3A.

MUH 272. Music Literature. (3 Credits)

I, II. Critical listening and scorereading of the standard repertory of music in Western Civilization from Gregorian plainchant to the Contemporary era. Gen. Ed. Element 3A.

MUH 273. Survey of American Popular Music. (3 Credits)

I, II. Survey of American popular music establishing its origins and tracing its development to the present time. Gen. Ed. Element 3A.

MUH 275. Western Musical Traditions I. (2 Credits)

I. Prerequisite: MUS 118 or department approval. Survey of Western music traditions from Medieval times through the Baroque period.

MUH 276W. Western Musical Traditions II. (2 Credits)

B. Prerequisite: ENG 102, 102R, or HON 102; MUH 275 or departmental approval. Survey of western music traditions from the Classical era to the present.

MUH 372. Survey of Music History II. (3 Credits)

II. Prerequisite: MUH 371 or departmental approval. Survey of music history from the Classical era to the present. Gen. Ed. VII (AH).

MUH 373. The Diverse Worlds of Music. (2 Credits)

A. Prerequisite: ENG 101(C) or 101R(C). An introduction to the academic study of world music, including musicological analysis and various approaches to the historical and socio-cultural issues regarding global musical traditions.