Academic Catalog

English Reading (ENR)

EKU Campus

ENR 090. Developmental Reading I. (3 Credits)

I, II. Focuses on improving reading skills by developing vocabulary and active reading strategies such as previewing, organizing information, and identifying main ideas and supporting details. ACT reading subscore 14 or lower.

ENR 095. Developmental Reading II. (3 Credits)

I, II. Prerequisite: ENR 090 or ACT reading subscore 15-17. Focuses on developing comprehension skills. Systematic methods for learning college-level vocabulary, analyzing structure and ideas of written materials, and developing critical reading skills.

ENR 112. Academic Literacy and Learning. (3 Credits)

I, II. Prerequisite: completion of all ENR developmental requirements and 59 hours or fewer. Provides practice in critical reading of arts and humanities texts. Students examine ways that writers express culturally relevant themes and concepts in various genres. Emphasis on strategic reading, writing, and learning practices. Gen. Ed. VII (AH).

ENR 115. Learning Dynamics. (1 Credit)

I, II. Five-week course concentrates on learning techniques for efficient and effective study of college reading materials. Emphasis on learning, storing, and retrieving information. Credit not available for students with credit for ENR 112.

ENR 201. Vocabulary Development. (2 Credits)

I, II. Mastery of wide range college-level vocabulary forreading, writing, speaking, and listening. Instructionsin using context and Greek and Latin elements tounlock meaning. Includes practice in solving verbalanalogies.

ENR 205. Topics in Reading:__________. (1-3 Credits)

A. Instruction focused on specific areas of reading and studying through selected topics.