Academic Catalog

Legal Studies (LGS)

EKU Campus

LGS 300. Introduction to Legal Studies. (3 Credits)

A. Prerequisite: ENG 102, ENG 105, or HON 102. Examination of foundations and liberal arts perspectives of legal studies. Topics include comparative and historical introduction to forms, institutions, processes, and systems of law along with research methods for understanding questions of law and justice.

LGS 305. Special Topics:___. (3 Credits)

A. Prerequisite: LGS 300. Exploration of topics not covered in the existing LGS curriculum. May be taken for a maximum of six hours provided that subject matter is different each time.

LGS 306. Animals and the Law. (3 Credits)

A. Formerly LAS 306. The study of topics that relate to the status of animals under the law. The course focuses upon cases, legislation, and cultural values toward animals world-wide. Credit will not be awarded to students who have credit for LAS 306.

LGS 349. Applied Learning for Legal Studies. (0.5-8 Credits)

A. Prerequisites: LGS 300. Work or volunteer in an area related to Legal Studies. A minimum of 80 hours employment required for each semester hour credit. No more than 3 hours may count toward LGS program.

LGS 400. Legal Studies Senior Seminar. (3 Credits)

A. Prerequisite: LGS 300 and at least six hours of LGS electives. Conduct research in an area related to Legal Studies, write a research paper, and present an oral presentation on research conducted. No more than 3 hours may count toward LGS program.