Academic Catalog

Astronomy (AST)

EKU Campus

AST 130. Introductory Astronomy. (3 Credits)

I, II. Prerequisite: MAT 105 or higher. Elementary survey course; study of Moon, Sun, and eclipses; Solar System; near stars and Milky Way. Non-laboratory. Credit will not be awarded for students who have have credit for AST 135.

AST 133. Astronomy Transition Lab. (1 Credit)

(1) I,II. Prerequisite: AST 130 or departmental approval. A transition laboratory that will allow students with credit for AST 130 to gain credit for a laboratory science course that is equivalent to AST 135. 2 Lab. Gen. Ed. E4B [NS].

AST 135. Introductory Astronomy. (3 Credits)

I, II. Prerequisite: Completion of all academic readiness requirements. Conceptual survey course; topics include backyard astronomy, motion of the Moon and stars, the use of light in astronomy, telescopes, the Solar System, and the Sun. 4 Lec/Lab. Gen. Ed. E-4B.

AST 335. Stars, Galaxies, & Cosmology. (3 Credits)

(3) A. Prerequisite: MAT 105 or higher or STA 215 or higher or departmental approval; and ENG 102 or ENG 105(B) or HON 102. A survey course describing the origin and evolution of stars, including black holes, galaxies, and the Universe. We will demonstrate how observations, models and quantitative analysis with graphs lead to the current state of knowledge. Credit will not awarded for both AST 335 and AST 330. 4 Lec/Lab. Gen. Ed. E-4.