Academic Catalog

General Business (GBU)

EKU Campus

GBU 101. Introduction to Business. (3 Credits)

I, II. A survey of modern business practices. The course explores business areas including management, marketing, accounting, and finance. The course is designed to help prepare students for future business courses and assist students in deciding whether to choose business as a career.

GBU 201. International Business. (3 Credits)

I. An overview of international business, including international business law, international business customs, and international business functional operations, examining the effectiveness of U.S. business ventures abroad and in competition with international companies at home.

GBU 204. Legal and Ethical Environments of Business. (3 Credits)

I, II. Prerequisite: minimum 45 hours. Law and the legal system. Topics include discussion on ethical and socially responsible business decision; business forms, contracts and torts; governmental regulations and regulatory agencies that impact businesses.

GBU 310. Law of Contracts, Property, and Business Organizations. (3 Credits)

I. Principles of the law of contracts, property and the formation, relationship and implications of partnership, corporations and agencies.

GBU 311. Law of Commercial Transactions. (3 Credits)

II. Principles for law of personal property transfers, negotiable instruments, secured transactions, the application of the Uniform Commercial Code and business transactions, bankruptcy, and governmental regulation.

GBU 349. Applied Learning in General Business. (0.5-8 Credits)

A. Prerequisites: minimum GPA 2.25 and 60 credit hours. Co-op Coordinator approval is required. Approved work experience directly related to academic major and/or career goals. Minimum of 80 hours work required for each credit hour. May be used as upper division business electives and/or free electives as approved. General Business Majors, depending on option, are limited to a maximum of nine co-op hours counting toward degree. Co-op hours may be repeated up to nine hours.

GBU 480. Business Strategy. (3 Credits)

I, II. Prerequisites: CCT 300 or CCT 300W, CIS 300, FIN 300, MGT 300, 370 and MKT 300 with a grade of "C" or better in each pre-requisite course; senior standing (A minimum of 90 hours) with overall minimum 2.0 GPA. A capstone study of administrative processes under conditions of uncertainty including integrative analysis and formulation of strategy and supporting policy at administrative/executive levels. Students must complete all business core courses prior to taking GBU 480.

GBU 850. Lgl, Ethical, Soc Envir of Bus. (3 Credits)

A. Examines what the responsible business-person must know about the Common Law, the regulatory environment, standards of ethical conduct, and the social responsibilities of the modern enterprise.

GBU 855. Special Topics in Business. (3 Credits)

A. Prerequisite: departmental approval. Study of various special topics in the various functional areas of business: accounting, administrative communications, computer information systems, finance, management, marketing, or international business. May be retaken to a maximum of six hours provided topics are different.

GBU 891. Thesis Research. (3 Credits)

A. An independent research project, guided by a Thesis Advisor and approved by Thesis Committee of three MBA faculty (Thesis Advisor included), in partial fulfillment of the MBA degree. THe decision to complete a thesis must be made during the student's second semester in the MBA Program. Three hours per semester, up to a maximum of six hours, may be taken. The grade for this course will be IP until either the thesis is completed and approved, or the MBA Knowledge Test Exit Exam (KTEE) is passed at which time the grade will become "S".