Academic Catalog

Music Theatre (MUT)

EKU Campus

MUT 135. Voice and Movement for the Actor. (3 Credits)

A. Exploration of voice and movement as the basic tools of performance. Students will gain awareness of their own habits and develop their capacities for clear and expressive vocal and physical communication. The development of character-specific physicalization and vocal production.

MUT 250. Musical Theatre Ensemble. (1 Credit)

I, II. Rehearsal and performance for: musical theatre performance, dance ensemble, or orchestra ensembles. Outside rehearsals, performances, and all technical rehearsal are required. Repeatable maximum number of hours: 8.

MUT 280. Acting for Musical Theatre. (3 Credits)

A. Formerly THE 280. Prerequisite: THE 135 or MUT 135. Study of Musical Theatre as an art form, and an examination of the acting process and how it applies to the musical genre; performance work is included. Credit will not be awarded for both THE 280 and MUT 280.

MUT 285. Theatre Dance I. (2 Credits)

I, II. A beginning course in movement and dance for the stage. Expands the capacity for non-verbal self-expression and dramatic imagination. Basic work in ballet, jazz and musical theatre styles will be introduced. Any combination of THE 285/MUT 285 may be retaken to a maximum of six hours.

MUT 385. Theatre Dance II. (2 Credits)

I, II. Prerequisite: THE 285 or instructor approval. Emphasis is placed on enhancing strength, coordination, and technique as movement skills develop. Ensemble work, and fundamentals in ballet, jazz, partnering and musical theatre styles will be included. Any combination of THE 385/MUT 385 may be retaken to a maximum of six hours. Insert: Formerly THE 385.