Academic Catalog

Education - Teacher Leader (ETL)

EKU Campus

ETL 800. Leadership Skills for Teachers. (3 Credits)

A. In-depth study of the key concepts, theories, practices, and procedures of teacher leaders in educational environments. This course must be retaken within the first six hours of a candidate's program. (Minimum of 14 clinical hours required.)

ETL 801. Leading Achievement Change. (3 Credits)

A. Pre-req/co-req: ETL 800. The study of change theory and its application in educational settings by educational leaders, teacher leaders, professional staff, support staff, students and communities to improve student achievement. 14 field hours required.

ETL 803. Curriculum for Teacher Leaders. (3 Credits)

A. Prerequisites/Corequisites: ETL 800. Candidates will conduct curriculum alignment and development that encompasses analysis and justification for applied curriculum at the appropriate level. Candidates will develop formative and summative assessments. They evaluate reasearch-based instructional strategies for all learners. (Field work 13 hours).

ETL 805. Research Metho for Educ Profes. (3 Credits)

A. Formerly ETL 802. Prerequisites: Chair Approval. This course introduces research methods in education. Candidates create a research proposal. With a focus on student learning, student achievement, or school improvement. Repeatable to 9 hours.

ETL 806. Teacher Leader Capstone. (1-3 Credits)

A. Formely ETL 804. Prerequisite: ETL 805 (for MAED majors) or EGC 847 (for MAT majors). Candidates will refine a research project begun in ETL 805 or EGC 847. Candidates will collect, analyze, and interpret data related to the impact on student learning and make a final presentation. (Minimum of 40 clinical hours required for advanced licensure candidates. Repeatable for a max of 6 hr.)