Academic Catalog

Human Services (HSR)

EKU Campus

HSR 300. Introduction to Counseling and Human Services. (3 Credits)

A. This introductory course will cover the functions, history, ethical standards, theories, basic listening skills, and cultural competencies required for professionals in the field of Human Services.

HSR 305. Introduction to Career Decision-Making. (3 Credits)

A. Topics will include use of career information, elements of self awareness, career exploration, decision making, and skill identification, developing personal career interest, values clarification, skill reviews; and job search skills.

HSR 400. Introduction to Human Development. (3 Credits)

A. This course focuses on human development throughout the lifespan, from birth to death. Students will examine central conepts related to human development as well as continuity and change within the developin individual.

HSR 405. Appalachian Issues in a Multicultural Society. (3 Credits)

A. This course addresses issues relevant for those who will work in human services and require knowledge of issues relevant to Appalachian recipients of service.

HSR 410. Contemporary Issues in Counseling and Human Services. (3 Credits)

A. An overview of Counseling and Human Services. Focus is on ethics, practice, current research and topical events related to the Counseling and Human Services professions.

HSR 415. Human Services Administration. (3 Credits)

A. Includes skills and knowledge involved in effective development and administration of small human services programs and agencies: organizing, setting goals, and estimating needs, recruiting, selecting, orienting, supervisin, and evaluating employees; securing and managing financial resources.