Academic Catalog

Element 6: Diversity of Perspectives and Experiences

EKU Campus

Six hours required.

(Foreign Language course will also meet PCC language requirement.) Select any two courses from the list below:

AFA 200Exploring Africa Through Play3
AFA 201The African Experience3
AFA 201WThe African Experience3
AFA 202The African American Experience3
AFA 356African American Political Thought3
AFA 360Literatures of Africa3
AFA 361African American Literature3
AFA 400Race and Ethnicity3
ANT 330Native American Cultures3
APP 200Introduction to Appalachia3
APP 365Appalachian Literature3
APP 373Politics of Development in Appalachia3
ASL 101American Sign Language I3
ASL 102American Sign Language II3
ASL 225Introduction to Deaf Studies3
CDF 232Identity and Sexuality3
CHN 101Conversational Chinese I3
CHN 102Conversational Chinese II3
CMS 375Intercultural Communication3
EDC 106Culturally Responsive Perspectives3
EMS 200Exploring Africa Through Play3
ENG 360Literatures of Africa3
ENG 361African-American Literature3
ENG 362North American Native Literature3
ENG 364Women's Literature3
ENG 365Appalachian Literature3
ENG 366Queer Theory and Literatures3
FLS 101Language Topics:___3
FLS 102Language Topics:___3
FRE 101Conversational French I3
FRE 102Conversational French II3
FRE 201Intermediate Conversational French I3
FRE 202Intermediate Conversational French II3
GER 101Conversational German3
GER 102Conversational German II3
GER 201Intermediate Conversational German3
GER 202Intermediate Conversational German II3
HEA 310Introduction TO Global Health3
HIS 205The Marginalized in History:___3
HON 320WHonors Seminar in Diversity of Perspectives and Experiences:___3
HUM 360Topics in Non-Western Traditions: ___3
JPN 101Conversational Japanese I3
JPN 102Conversational Japanese II3
JPN 201Intermediate Japanese I3
JPN 202Intermediate Japanese II3
LAT 101Beginning Latin I3
LAT 102Beginning Latin II3
POL 356African American Political Thought3
POL 373Politics of Development in Appalachia3
REL 320Judaism3
REL 335Islam3
REL 340Religions of India3
REL 345Religions of China and Japan3
REL 350Buddhism3
SED 104Special Education Introduction3
SOC 135Living in a Diverse World3
SOC 205Sexualities and Social Issues3
SOC 399 Gender and Society3
SOC 400Race and Ethnicity3
SPA 101Conversational Spanish I3
SPA 102Conversational Spanish II3
SPA 105Accelerated Spanish I6
SPA 201Intermediate Conversational3
SPA 202Intermediate Conversational Spanish II3
SPA 205Accelerated Spanish II6
VTS 200Intro to Veterans Studies3
VTS 300Veterans in Society3
WGS 201Intro to Women & Gender Studies3
WGS 205Sexualities and Social Issues3
WGS 364Women's Literature3
WGS 366Queer Theory and Literatures3
WGS 399Gender and Society3

If Foreign Language is used to meet the requirement, it is strongly recommended that students take two courses in the same language. A student with a foreign language PCC need must take two terms of the same language.