Academic Catalog

Element 4: Natural Sciences

EKU Campus

Six hours required.

Select two courses from the list below that have different course prefixes.

ANT 201Introduction to Biological Anthropology3
AST 130Introductory Astronomy3
AST 133Astronomy Transition Lab1
AST 135Introductory Astronomy3
AST 335Stars, Galaxies, & Cosmology3
BIO 102Inquiry Biology for Teachers3
BIO 111Cell and Molecular Biology4
BIO 112Ecology and Evolution4
CHE 100Inquiry Chemistry for Middle School Teachers3
CHE 101Introductory Chemistry3
CHE 101LIntroductory Chemistry Lab1
CHE 105Chemistry for the Health Sciences3
CHE 105LHealth Science Chemistry Lab1
CHE 111General Chemistry3
CHE 111LGeneral Chemistry Lab I1
FMT 140Introduction to Fermentation4
GEO 110Environmental Geography3
GEO 210Introduction to Physical Geography3
GLY 102Earth Science for Elementary Teachers3
GLY 104The Ocean World3
GLY 107Gold and Diamonds3
GLY 108Earthquakes and Volcanoes3
GLY 109 Great Moments in Earth History3
HON 317Honors Seminar in the Natural Sciences:___3
PHY 101Conceptual Physics3
PHY 102Inquiry Physics for MS Teachers3
PHY 131College Physics I5
PHY 132College Physics II5
PHY 201University Physics I5
PHY 202University Physics II5