Academic Catalog

Element 5: Social and Behavioral Sciences

EKU Campus

5A Historical Perspective

Three hours required.

ANT 200Archaeology and Human Cultures3
HIS 100World Topics to 1500:___3
HIS 101World Topics Since 1500:___3
HIS 102American Civilization to 18773
HIS 103American Civilization Since 18773
HIS 204WHistorical Inquiry:___.3
HON 310WHonors Seminar in History:___3
MSL 303American Military History3
POL 101Introduction to American Government3
POL 212Introduction to Comparative Politics3

5B Social and Behavioral Science

Three hours required.

ANS 200Introduction to Animal Studies3
ANT 120Introduction to Cultural Anthropology3
APP 200Introduction to Appalachia3
BEM 200Mass Media and Society3
CMS 200Interpersonal Communication3
COM 200Mass Media and Society3
COM 200WMass Media & Society3
CRJ 101Introduction to Criminal Justice3
ECO 120Economic Reasoning and Issues3
ECO 130Contemporary Economic Problems3
ECO 230Fundamentals of Microeconomics3
ECO 231Fundamentals of Macroeconomics3
GEO 100Regions and Nations of the World3
HEA 216Introduction to Public Health3
HON 301Self and Community3
HON 312WHonors Seminar in the Social and Behavioral Sciences:___3
POL 100Principles of Politics and Government3
POL 100SPrinciples of Politics & Govt3
POL 101Introduction to American Government3
POL 212Introduction to Comparative Politics3
POL 220Introduction to World Politics3
POL 250Introduction to Political Philosophy3
PSY 200Introduction to Psychology3
PSY 200WIntroduction to Psychology: Writing Intensive3
PSY 200ZIntroduction to Psychology3
PSY 280Lifespan Developmental Psych.3
PSY 280WLifespan Developmental Psychology: Writing Intensive3
SOC 131Introductory Sociology3
SOC 235Social Problems3
SWK 310Social Welfare Policy History3