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Declaring a Program of Study

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Changing Major/Minor/Concentration

Because changing majors generally lengthens students’ time to degree, and thus can significantly increase student debt, students are limited to changing their major only one time per year.

After earning 105 credit hours, students desiring to change their major, or add a minor/concentration/certificate, approval from the dean of the college of their first major is required, unless the change does not extend time to graduation.  Students should speak with a college advisor for details regarding this process.

Once a student has applied to graduate they are expected to follow their degree plan that has been certified by a college graduation expert.

Students may declare or change their currently declared major, minor, or concentration, after careful review and advisement by completing the appropriate form and obtaining the written approval of the department chair or advisor of their desired new program. (Read below regarding programs that have specific entrance requirements).

When a major change is received by the Registrar’s Office it will be processed, and a new advisor will be assigned by the Office of University Advising within 2-5 business days.

Students who request a change of major will be moved into the current program for the desired major, per the Catalog, in force at the time the request was received. All students are subject to the University graduation requirements and policies that are listed in this institution’s current catalog.

Some programs of study require specific admission criteria, and have a formalized admission process. These programs require a separate application for admission. Please refer to the program requirements section of this catalog to determine whether a program has a specific admissions processes or criteria.

When declaring a major, all degree-seeking students shall declare as a first major an EKU degree program, or a university certificate if that is the student’s only educational goal.

Degree Audit

A degree audit is the tool used by EKU to determine degree completion. Degree Works is a degree audit report available to students and advisors online via myEKU (student web and faculty web). This audit lists the requirements for a student’s program and how completed and in-progress courses apply to that program. Degree Works must reflect that program requirements are 100% complete before the student’s degree will be awarded. 

Students should contact their academic advisor if they have questions concerning degree requirements or their Degree Works report.

Curriculum Guides-Academic Plans: Curriculum guides for each program are printed in this catalog and part of the Degree Works Academic Planner. All students should create an academic plan in Degree Works, maintain and follow that plan. To make timely progress toward a degree full-time students are expected to earn at least 15 credit hours per semester.

Colleges will make available to students through appropriate advising any additional non-curricular requirements that apply to the specified major.