Academic Catalog

Enrollment and Class Schedule

EKU Campus

Academic Load

The limitations below apply to all enrollments or combinations of enrollments for the term specified, including campus classes, regional campus classes, online study, and enrollments at other institutions. The Registrar will not record credits beyond these maximums.

Enrollment in Fall/Spring Terms: To make timely progress toward their degree, full-time students are expected to earn 15-16 credit hours each fall/spring semester or 30 credit hours per academic year (Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer). Full-time student status requires a minimum of 12 credit hours during a fall or spring term. Students carrying fewer than 12 credit hours are considered part time. A student who has established a superior record may be permitted to enroll for more than 18 hours by the dean of the college of the student’s first major. The absolute maximum load for an undergraduate student is 21 credit hours.

Enrollment in Summer Term: For enrollment verification and financial aid during the summer semester, an undergraduate student must be registered in at least 12 credit hours to be considered a full-time student. Enrolling in more than 12 credit hours is restricted to students who have established a superior academic record. Permission to enroll in more than 12 credit hours during the summer must be granted by the dean of the college of the student’s first major. The absolute maximum summer enrollment is 15 hours.

Enrollment in Winter Term: Winter term is a 6 week session falling between the fall and spring semesters. Winter term classes vary, ranging from 1 to 4 credit hours. Because of the condensed nature of winter term classes students are limited to attempting an absolute maximum academic load of 6 credit hours in a single winter term session.

Financial Aid and Enrollment Verification: Please note that, for financial aid, enrollment verification, and loan consideration, full-time status requires a minimum of twelve semester hours in any academic term.

Note: Students who are not on good standing academically have lower maximum enrollment limits. Please refer to the section on Minimum Academic Standards.

Class Schedule Changes

Dropping a Class - 1st Week of Class: If students wish to add courses to their schedule, they must do so by the date published in the Colonel’s Compass for that term. If a student drops a course by the end of a term’s Schedule Change Period (add/drop), the course will not appear on the student’s grade report or transcript. Course drops are executed online through myEKU.

Late Enrollment - Students who wish to add a class to their schedule after the published deadline to do so, must secure the permission of the instructor of the course, the department chair, and the dean of the college offering the course. The student shall complete the Request for Late Enrollment and submit it to the instructor of the class. If enrollment is approved, the instructor passes the form onto the appropriate department office for further processing. The Request for Late Enrollment form is available on the Registrar’s website.

Note: University holds preventing registration do not constitute an excuse for attending class without being officially enrolled. Students are expected to communicate with the office which placed the hold on their account and secure permission to be enrolled – before the deadline to add a class online.

Withdrawing from a Class

See Withdrawal section in this catalog.

Final Examinations

If a student is scheduled for more than three final examinations on the same day, the student may request, through the college dean, that the fourth examination be rescheduled.

Fee for Initial Registration After Classes Begin

Students whose initial registration for the term does not occur until on or after the first day of class will be assessed a non-refundable $50 late initial registration fee.