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Course Numbering

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Course Numbering

Courses are numbered according to the following plan:

Number Description
000-099 are remedial non-degree credit courses
100-199 are primarily for freshmen
200-299 are primarily for sophomores
300-399 are primarily for juniors
400-499 are primarily for seniors
500-599 are primarily for seniors and are linked with 700 level graduate courses

A student may not take a course numbered more than one year above his/her classification level without advisor permission. To take courses numbered 300 and above in The School of Business see the College of Business and Technology section for requirements for BBA degree.

Special approval must be obtained from the dean of the college offering a 500‑level course in order for junior-level students to enroll. (Students of less than junior status or unapproved juniors cannot be admitted to a 500-level course and will be disenrolled by the Registrar if such an enrollment occurs.)