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Pre-Professional Programs

EKU Campus

EKU has a number of programs that will help prepare students for professional schools following graduation. These schools generally do not require a specific major, provided that their prerequisite courses are taken. All professional schools are highly competitive in their admissions process. Thus, students should aim for strong GPA and professional school admission test scores. Students are encouraged to seek a major that they feel comfortable with, that they have a strong aptitude for, that is interesting and challenging, and that provides additional career options. Students should contact the advisors listed on the webpages below as early as possible after enrolling at EKU. The Advisors will assist the pre-professional student with selecting a major and provide information and advice regarding professional school admissions and requirements.

Descriptions of the following pre-professional programs may be found on the webpages listed:

Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Medical Science, Pre-Optometry, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Physician Associate, Pre-Physical Therapy, Pre-Engineering, Pre-Veterinary, and Pre-Law:

Reverse Transfer Baccalaureate Process: Professional School Credit Transferred Back to EKU

In addition to the standard pre-professional curricula, Eastern Kentucky University allows students who matriculate into professional schools before graduation to transfer back professional school credit and thereby complete a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Kentucky University. This plan may shorten by one year the time needed for obtaining both a baccalaureate and a professional degree.

Before leaving for professional school, students approved for this process are expected to have completed the EKU General Education curriculum and the first three years of their major requirements, as specified in the relevant undergraduate EKU Catalog.

The reverse transfer process is initiated by the student communicating with a graduation specialist in the College of Science dean’s office, submitting an application to graduate, and formally notifying their advisor of their intent to complete their degree via the reverse transfer process. After the first year of professional study the student sends an official transcript of their professional school work to EKU and notifies the graduation specialist in the College of Science dean’s office to begin the graduation clearance process.