Academic Catalog

Element 2: Quantitative Reasoning

EKU Campus

Three hours required.

HON 304WHonors Seminar in the Mathematics Sciences:____3
MAT 105Mathematics with Applications3
MAT 106Applied Mathematics:___3
MAT 110Intro to Algebraic Functions3
MAT 112Algebra with Applications3
MAT 112AAlgebra: Polynomials1.5
MAT 112BAlgebra: Functions & Matrices1.5
MAT 114College Algebra3
MAT 120Trigonometry3
MAT 122Precalculus Mathematics5
MAT 211Applied Calculus3
MAT 234Calculus I4
PHI 101Logic and Critical Reasoning3
PHI 101RLogic and Critical Reasoning (Supported)4
STA 215Introduction to Statistical Reasoning3
STA 270Applied Statistics4