Academic Catalog

Chemistry, Bachelor of Science with a Concentration in Pre-Health (Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental, Pre-Optometry, Pre-Physician Associate) (B.S.)

EKU Campus

Program Requirements

CIP Code: 40.0501

Summary Checklist for General Education

Element 1
A: Written Communication3
B: Written Communication3
C: Oral Communication3
Element 2
Quantitative Reasoning3
Element 3
A: Arts3
B: Humanities3
Element 4
Natural Sciences6
Element 5
A: Historical Science3
B: Social Behaviorial Science3
Element 6
Diversity of Perspectives Experiences6
Total Hours36

Students are expected to complete Elements 1 and 2 within their first 60 hours of college credit.


University Graduation Requirements
General Education36
Student Success Seminar
SCO 100CStudent Success Seminar in Chemistry (waived for transfers with 30+ hrs.)1
Writing Intensive Course (hrs. incorporated into Major/Supporting/Gen Ed/Free Electives category)
Upper division courses (42 hrs. distributed throughout Major/Supporting/Gen Ed/Free Electives categories)
ACCT - Chemistry majors will fulfill ACCT with the following. (Credit hours are incorporated into program requirements below.)
Choose from one of the following:
Independent Chemical Research
Chemistry Laboratory Independent Research: ___
Synthetic & Analytical Methods
and Synthetic & Analytical Methods Lab
Clinical VI: The Professional Semester
Major Requirements
Core Courses
CHE 111
General Chemistry
and General Chemistry Lab I
CHE 112
General Chemistry II
and General Chemistry Lab
CHE 250Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry2
CHE 325
Analytical Chemistry
and Analytical Chemistry Lab
CHE 361
Organic Chemistry I
and Organic Chemistry Lab I
CHE 362
Organic Chemistry II
and Organic Chemistry Lab II
CHE 430Biochemistry of Macromolecules3
Students must select one of the following Concentrations:
Biochemistry (ACS Certification Optional)
Pre-Health (Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental, Pre-Optometry, Pre-Physician Associate)44
Chemistry (ACS Certification Optional)
Chemistry Teaching
Supporting Course Requirements
Choose from 9-49 hours of supporting courses
25 hours of Biochemistry
29 hours of Pre-Health (Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental, Pre-Optometry, Pre-Physician Associate)
9-17 hours of Chemistry
33 hours of Pre-Pharmacy
49 hours of Chemistry Teaching
Free Electives
Choose from 13-23 hours of free electives13-23
Total Hours120-130


This program option produces a degree certified by the American Chemical Society (ACS) and follows the recommendation from the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB).

Concentration Courses
CHE 385WChemical Literature3
CHE 425
Instrumental Analysis
and Instrumental Analysis Lab
CHE 431Metabolic Biochemistry3
CHE 432Biochemistry Laboratory1
CHE 450Inorganic Chemistry3
CHE 485Chemistry Seminar1
CHE 502Polymers & Particles1
CHE 570Biophysical Chemistry I4
Choose from one hour of the following:1
Independent Chemical Research 1
Chemistry Laboratory Independent Research: ___ 1
Chemtopics Lab:___
Choose from five hours of either 400- or 500-level CHE or FOR electives5
Supporting Course Requirements
Cell and Molecular Biology (Element 4) G
Ecology and Evolution (Element 4) G
BIO 307Human Anatomy and Physiology I3
BIO 331Cell Biology3
BIO 348Vertebrate Physiology4
Calculus I (Element 2) G,2,3
PHI 383Health & Biomedical Ethics3
or PHI 383W Health and Biomedical Ethics
Introduction to Psychology (Element 5B) G
Introductory Sociology (Element 5B) G
Choose from one of the following:
College Physics I (Element 4) G
University Physics I (Element 4) G,4
Choose from one of the following:5
College Physics II
University Physics II 4
Total Hours44

Course also satisfies a General Education element. Hours are included within the 36 hr. General Education requirement above.


CHE 495A Independent Chemical Researchand/or CHE 495B Chemistry Laboratory Independent Research: ___ (chemistry research) is recommended.


Preparatory courses in mathematics may be required before admission to MAT 122 Precalculus Mathematics or MAT 234 Calculus I.


STA 270 Applied Statistics may be required for admission to some professional school programs.


Two semesters of Calculus are highly recommended, and Calculus based physics (PHY 201 University Physics I and PHY 202 University Physics II) is recommended by the ACS and ASBMB.