Academic Catalog

Forensic Science, Minor

EKU Campus

Program Requirements

The minor in Forensic Science requires a minimum of 18 credit hours as indicated below:

Required Courses
Core Courses
FOR 301Introduction to Forensic Science3
FOR 330Bloodstain Pattern Analysis1
FOR 401Forensic Professional Practice1
FOR 460Selected Topics in Forensic Science3
Choose from ten hours of the following:10
Introduction to Explosion Investigations and Bombings
Criminal Investigation
Criminal Evidence
Instrumental Analysis
and Instrumental Analysis Lab 1
Instrumental Analysis
and Forensic Instrumental Lab 1
Forensic Trace Evidence
and Forensic Trace Evidence Lab
DNA Profiling
and DNA Profiling Lab
Forensic Serology
Forensic Toxicology & Drugs
and Drugs & Toxicology Lab
Forensic Microscopic Analysis
and Forensic Microscopy Lab
Expert Witness Testimony
Introduction to Research
Forensic Science Capstone
Total Hours18

Courses are cross-listed. Credit will only be awarded to one Lecture/Lab grouping.