Academic Catalog

Spanish, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

EKU Campus

Program Requirements

CIP Code: 16.0905

Summary Checklist for General Education

Element 1
A: Written Communication3
B: Written Communication3
C: Oral Communication3
Element 2
Quantitative Reasoning3
Element 3
A: Arts3
B: Humanities3
Element 4
Natural Sciences6
Element 5
A: Historical Science3
B: Social Behavioral Science3
Element 6
Diversity of Perspectives Experiences6
Total Hours36

Students are expected to complete Elements 1 and 2 within their first 60 hours of college credit.


University Graduation Requirements
General Education36
Student Success Seminar
ASO 100Student Success Seminar (waived for transfers with 30+ hrs.)1
Upper division courses (42 hrs. distributed throughout Major/Supporting/Gen Ed/Free Electives categories)
Major Requirements
Core Courses 1
SPA 300Advanced Conversation3
SPA 301
SPA 360
Reading and Culture
and Grammar in Contexts
SPA 380Civilizations of Spain3
or SPA 381 Civilizations of Latin America
SPA 405Hispanic Literature Culture3
or SPA 406 Hispanic Literature Culture
or SPA 407 Hispanic Literature and Culture
SPA 492Senior Capstone Seminar3
Choose from 12 hours of additional electives12
Exit Requirements
Senior Capstone Seminar
Free Electives
Choose from 53 hours of free electives53
Total Hours120

A student may major in Spanish by completing a minimum of 30 hours in courses numbered 200 and above; 24 of these hours must be at the 300 level or above.

A grade of “C” or higher is required in each course for credit toward the major. Students must attain a 2.75 GPA in their major.