Academic Catalog

Police Studies, Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

EKU Campus

Program Requirements

CIP Code: 43.0107

Summary Checklist for General Education

Element 1
A: Written Communication3
B: Written Communication3
C: Oral Communication3
Element 2
Quantitative Reasoning3
Element 3
A: Arts3
B: Humanities3
Element 4
Natural Sciences6
Element 5
A: Historical Science3
B: Social Behavioral Science3
Element 6
Diversity of Perspectives Experiences6
Total Hours36

Students are expected to complete Elements 1 and 2 within their first 60 hours of college credit.


University Graduation Requirements
General Education36
Student Success Seminar
JSO 100Student Success Seminar (waived for transfers with 30+ hrs)1
Upper division courses (42 hrs. distributed throughout Major/Supporting/Gen Ed/Free Electives categories)
Major Requirements
Core Courses
CRJ 101Introduction to Criminal Justice3
CRJ 331Criminological Theory3
CRJ 388Research Methods3
CRJ 400Criminal Justice Statistics3
PLS 103Police, Order Maintenance and Crime3
PLS 326Ethical Decisions and Police3
PLS 414Social Forces and Policing Society3
PLS 415Contemporary Police Strategies3
Major Electives
Choose from 24 hours of PLS, CRJ or COR electives (12 hours must be upper division courses)24
Supporting Electives
Choose from six-nine hours of the following:6-9
First Response Emergency Care
Emergency Medical Technician
Introduction to Forensic Science
Introduction to Explosion Investigations and Bombings
Traffic Crash Causation and Investigation
A combination to include 3 hrs (200 level or above) of Foreign language or American Sign Language (ASL) in consultation with major advisor (Element 6) G
Free Electives
Choose from 26-29 hours of free electives26-29
Total Hours120

Course also satisfies a General Education element. Hours are included within the 36 hr. General Education requirement above.