Academic Catalog

Manufacturing Engineering, Bachelor of Science with a Concentration in Quality and Lean Manufacturing (B.S.)

EKU Campus

Program Requirements

Summary Checklist for General Education

Element 1
A: Written Communication3
B: Written Communication3
C: Oral Communication3
Element 2
Quantitative Reasoning3
Element 3
A: Arts3
B: Humanities3
Element 4
Natural Sciences6
Element 5
A: Historical Science3
B: Social Behavioral Science3
Element 6
Diversity of Perspectives Experiences6
Total Hours36

Students are expected to complete Elements 1 and 2 within their first 60 hours of college credit.


University Graduation Requirements
General Education36
Student Success Seminar
SCO 100Student Success Seminar1
Upper division courses (42 hrs. distributed throughout Major/Supporting/Gen Ed/Free Electives categories)
Major Requirements
Core Courses
AEM 201Metallic Material Processes3
AEM 301Non-Metallic Material Processes3
MFE 150Introduction to Manufacturing & Engineering Design3
MFE 195Computer Aided Design3
MFE 202Introduction to Quality3
MFE 330Materials Testing and Metrology3
MFE 349Applied Learning in Manufacturing Engineering1
MFE 407Fundamentals of Project Management3
MFE 498Senior Capstone Project I3
MFE 499Senior Capstone Project II3
PHY 221Statics3
PHY 315Electrical Circuits4
MFE 3603
MFE 3753
MFE 3803
CSC 174Introduction to Programming for Science & Engineering3
Students must select one of the following Concentrations:
Quality and Lean Manufacturing9
Advanced Manufacturing
Industrial Health and Safety
Supporting Course Requirements16-19
General Chemistry ((Element 4)) G
General Chemistry Lab I ((Element 4)) G
Fundamentals of Microeconomics ((Element 5B)) G
Calculus I ((Element 2)) G
Calculus II
Differential Equations
University Physics I ((Element 4)) G
University Physics II ((Element 4)) G
Applied Statistics ((Element 2)) G
Applied Regression Analysis
The addition of a certificate of minor to this program is highly recommended.
Free Electives4
Total Hours120

Course also satisfies a General Education element. Supporting hours are included within the 36 hr. General Education requirement above.


Concentration Courses
Choose nine hours from the following:9
Methods of Lean Operations
Process Control and Auditing
Six Sigma Quality
Quality Control & Reliability
Experimental Design
Total Hours9