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Student Success Center

EKU Campus

Dr. Ashley Sweat, Director
Library 106D 
(859) 622-7861

The Student Success Center is the one-stop resource for students who need answers to any questions they may have during their college experience. Our full-time staff members serve as resources for students as they navigate college, often proactively reaching out to students who may need assistance. They also provide referrals to other EKU resources about which students may not be aware.

The EKU Gurus are trained tutors and mentors who work through Student Success Center programs to provide peer-to-peer service to EKU students. The Student Success Center has the College Reading and Learning Association’s International Tutor Training Certification and International Mentor Training Certification. Each EKU Guru is trained under CRLA guidelines to provide students with study skills, time management, critical reading strategies, test preparation approaches, and other skills necessary for college success. Additionally, Gurus provide content help in over 150 courses. For each course they cover, the Guru has earned a high grade in that class and has a faculty recommendation to tutor in that course. Additionally, staff members are trained to help students deal with life issues that may be impeding their success at college.

The workshops and other programs in the Chellgren Success Series are designed to help students with study skills, time management, choosing a major, and more. The Student Success Center also serves as a study area for students so that they can do homework and study with tutors nearby if they need assistance because asking for help is a habit that will help students be more successful. The center’s administrators track check-ins for reporting study and tutoring hours for many programs on campus.

All of our services are provided at no extra cost to students. Online and in-person services are available. To schedule an appointment or find out our drop-in hours, visit our website.