Academic Catalog

Center for Student Accessibility

EKU Campus

Dr. Kelly Cogar, Senior Director
Whitlock Building 361, CPO 66
Phone: (859) 622-2933

The Center for Student Accessibility (CSA) assists students by coordinating campus and program accessibility as well as providing support in the attainment of educational goals. CSA is located in the Whitlock Building, Room 361. Appointments are made by calling (859) 622-2933 or by email at

Students requesting services, including deaf and hard of hearing students, are required to submit a completed application for services and current health-related documentation. Applications, documentation guidelines, and additional information is available at the CSA website. Services are individualized and may include academic adjustments that do not impede the academic integrity of the course, digital books, equipment loans, interpreters, note-taking software, testing accommodations and other services.

ADA/504 Coordinator

The ADA/504 Coordinator serves the University by hearing individual ADA cases including appeals for course substitutions, waivers and other accessibility-related cases and as a member of the ADA Appeals Committee. Appointments with the ADA/504 Coordinator are made by contacting Dr. John Dixon,