Academic Catalog

Student Outreach and Transition Office (SOTO)

EKU Campus

Ms. Lisa Cox, Director
Whitlock Building 442
Phone: (859) 622-7686

This one-stop transitional center is designed for transfer, non-traditional and re-entry students (away from EKU for over 2 years). The Student Outreach and Transition Office provides comprehensive support to students from initial inquiry through registration for their first semester of classes, serving as an advocate to promote their needs along the way. Prospective students receive individualized consulting services in the areas of admissions, degree audits, major selection, academic bankruptcy, credit transfer process, degree completion via distance learning, and course registration prior to their first semester. This office also provides students with answers to basic questions regarding filing for financial aid, financial aid appeals, and receiving credit for prior learning. Evening appointments are available to better serve the needs of adult learners.

SOTO also serves as a hub for diverse students with access to the bi-lingual Associate Director of Latino Recruitment and Retention who is available to answer questions and refer students to appropriate resources. SOTO is also home to the Rodney Gross Scholars program. Scholars have access to dedicated study areas that include computer access, mentoring and tutoring assistance upon request.

Colonel Connection Program

The Colonel Connection Program facilitates the transfer process from other colleges to EKU, and eases students’ transition to and timely graduation from EKU. The program is available to students who are currently enrolled at another institution (e.g., a community college) and intend to transfer to EKU to complete a baccalaureate degree. Students must apply for admission to EKU, meet all admission requirements, and be accepted to EKU before enrolling in the Colonel Connection program.

Upon admission and completion of the Colonel Connection program agreement, participating students are granted continuous access to EKU’s Degree Works degree audit system, allowing them to view their individualized degree plan and progress towards an EKU baccalaureate degree. The degree audit is then kept current through regular submission of transcripts to EKU for credit evaluation. (Note: Colonel Connection students may not enroll in EKU coursework without first requesting visiting-student status through their advisor.)

When ready to transfer to EKU, the student must complete a Colonel Connection Admission request form in lieu of submitting another application for admission. This confirms the student intent to enroll as a degree-seeking student and locks in any transfer scholarship for which the student might be eligible.

To maintain enrollment in the Colonel Connection program, a student must:

  • maintain a minimum 2.0 grade-point average (GPA) on all college-level work completed to date;
  • complete, with a grade of C or better, no fewer than six (6) credits in the most recent fall/spring semester; and
  • meet with an assigned EKU advisor at least twice per academic year to discuss their progress and plans for transfer and graduation.

Students who fail to meet any of the above standards will be given one fall or spring semester to comply, after which they will be disenrolled from the Colonel Connection program.

Upon enrollment in the Colonel Connection program, participants will have a catalog year associated with their student record designating the academic year for their degree program as well as General Education and University graduation requirements. Should graduation requirements subsequently change, students may request a move to the current Catalog through the Registrar’s Office. The catalog year may be found on the student’s Degree Works degree audit.

Students who fail to maintain their enrollment in the Colonel Connection program may apply for readmission to the program; however, their catalog year will be based on the date of re-enrollment.

For further information regarding the Colonel Connection program, contact the EKU Student Outreach and Transition Office (SOTO).