Academic Catalog

Maroon Track, Honors

EKU Campus

Program Requirements

For students entering EKU Honors in their first semester of college

Core Courses
HON 100Engaging in Honors1
HON 101The Examined Life3
HON 104Honors Exploration:___________3
Honors Electives
Choose from two of the following: 16
Honors Seminar in the Mathematics Sciences:____
Honors Seminar in the Arts:___
Honors Seminar in the Humanities:___
Honors Seminar in History:___
Honors Seminar in the Social and Behavioral Sciences:___
Honors Seminar in the Natural Sciences:___
Honors Seminar in Diversity of Perspectives and Experiences:___
Honors Experiences
Choose from one of the following:0-6
A. Take two additional 300-level honors seminars from list above
B. Take one additional 300-level honor seminar plus one Honors Enhancement from list below 2
C. Two Honors Enhancements from list below 2
Honors Thesis
HON 420Thesis Project and Seminar6
Total Hours19-25

Any of these course numbers except HON 317 Honors Seminar in the Natural Sciences:___ may be taken twice provided course content differs.


All Honors Enhancement credit must be approved in advance and documented in the student’s Honors Portfolio. Honors Enhancements might include:

A study abroad or significant study-away experience
A significant internship or co-op
A significant, faculty-mentored undergraduate research experience