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Honors Departmental Certificate

EKU Campus

Program Requirements

Certificate Requirements
HON 101The Examined Life3
HON 301Self and Community3
HON 302Honors Option 10
HON 391Honors Portfolio1
Honors Elective
Choose from one of the following: 23
Intercultural Communication
Applied Critical Thinking
Leaders Without Titles
Humanity in the Postmodern Age
Humanity in the Postmodern Age
Total Hours10

HON 302 Honors Option is a zero-credit-hour course taken in conjunction with a course of the student’s choosing (usually but not necessarily in the student’s major) at the 300-level or higher. Satisfying the HON 302 Honors Option requirement involves completing an honors interdisciplinary research project related to materials in the corresponding non-honors course, explicitly relating them to themes and issues addressed in HON 101 The Examined Life and/or HON 301 Self and Community. The project for HON 302 Honors Option must receive a grade of “B” or higher for Honors Certificate credit.


Students completing one of these electives for Honors Certificate Elective credit will be required to do an honors interdisciplinary assignment that links course material explicitly to lessons and/or themes from HON 101 The Examined Life and/or HON 301 Self and Community.

Note: Average GPA of courses applied to the minor or certificate must be 2.25 or better.