Academic Catalog

Paramedicine, Associate of Science (A.S.)

EKU Campus

Program Requirements

CIP Code: 51.0904


University Graduation Requirements
General Education15
Elements: 1A, 1B, 3B, 5A or 5B, and three hours of free elective General Education courses
Student Success Seminar
JSO 100Student Success Seminar (waived for transfers with 30+ hrs.)1
Major Requirements
Core Courses
EMC 300Emergency Operations, and Behavioral Crisis3
EMC 303Introduction to Cardiology3
EMC 305Prehospital Management of OB/GYN/Pediatric Emergency3
EMC 310Advanced Cardiology3
EMC 315Pediatric Adv Life Support1
EMC 320Adv Life Support: Trauma3
EMC 335Medical Emergencies I3
EMC 340Advanced Life Support: Medical Emergencies3
EMC 342Advanced Clinical I3
EMC 352
Advanced Clinical II
and Advanced Clinical II Lab
EMC 360Advanced Field Internship2
EMC 362Advanced Field Internship II4
Supporting Course Requirements
BIO 307Human Anatomy and Physiology I3
BIO 308Human Anatomy and Physiology II3
Choose from one of the following: (Element 1A & 1B) G,1
Reading, Writing, and Rhetoric
and Research, Writing, and Rhetoric
First Year Writing Seminar
General Education Humanities (Element 3B) G
Social Science (Element 4 or 5B) G
Additional General Eduation
Free Electives
Choose from nine hours of free electives9
Total Hours65

Course also satisfies a General Education element. Hours are included within the General Education requirement above.


With a grade of "A" or "B"