Academic Catalog


EKU Campus

Graduate students may register via the Web at (click on myEKU) on the dates stipulated in the Colonel’s Compass (also found at; look underneath myEKU, and click on “Colonel’s Compass”). Students should consult with their advisors. The student bears the responsibility for courses scheduled, subject to the policies and approval of the Office of Graduate Education and Research. The student is responsible for registering a motor vehicle, housing arrangements, and payments of all fees and assessments in accordance with prevailing University policy.

Students with interruptions of study on campus who wish to participate in registration should notify the Office of Graduate Education and Research of their plans to continue study, furnishing full names and social security numbers, at least two weeks in advance of the published registration dates.

Change of Schedule

The University reserves the right to cancel a course when the registration is not sufficient to warrant its continuance, to divide classes if the enrollment is too large for efficient instruction, and to change instructors when necessary. Additional courses will be organized if the demand is sufficient.

The Graduate School reserves the right to suspend or alter registration orders not in consonance with the individual’s planned program or in the instance of closed or canceled sections. Program modifications should be accomplished through the regular add-drop procedure on the dates designated.

Students who are assigned a grade of “F” in a course due to academic dishonesty will not be permitted to drop the course.

Withdrawal From The University

Eastern Kentucky University is strongly committed to supporting students in achieving success in their intellectual and extracurricular endeavors. Students finding it necessary to withdraw from the University may withdraw from all courses online using myEKU until the end of the twelfth week for full semester classes. Classes of shorter duration have proportional withdrawal periods. Refer to the Colonels Compass for dates. Students enrolled in full semester classes are not allowed to withdraw from a course or from the University after the twelfth week of a regular term. A grade of “W” is assigned for each withdrawn class. Students are not allowed to withdraw from the University after the twelfth week of a regular term. Students who leave the University without an official withdrawal are subject to the grade of “F.”

Late Withdrawal

After the twelfth week, a student who is the victim of extraordinary circumstances which does not qualify them for a Medical Withdrawal may petition for a late withdrawal from the University. The student who wishes to withdraw after the deadline to do so must appeal through the Registrar’s Office. The deadline for filing a Petition for Late Withdrawal for Extenuating Circumstances is the last day of the full semester following the term from which the student is seeking withdrawal. The student must complete a Petition for Late Withdrawal form and should include justification and documentation for the withdrawal. If approved, the Registrar will assign grades of “W “ to the indicated courses. Students are still responsible for all tuition and fees.

For forms and more details, refer to the Registrar’s website.