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General Information

Eastern Kentucky University has maintained a strong interest in and commitment to the preparation of teachers since its founding in 1906 and is dedicated to the preparation of teachers who function effectively in a culturally diverse society in order to meet the needs of all candidates.

The College of Education and Applied Human Sciences, in cooperation with the office of Graduate Education and Research, offers the Masters of Arts in Education degree programs for elementary teachers, middle grade teachers, secondary teachers, gifted teachers and coordinators, special education teachers, school counselors, school librarians, speech-language pathologists, and instructional leaders.

Other graduate programs include a Master of Arts in Teaching: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education, Elementary Education, Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education, Middle Grade Education, Secondary Education and P-12 programs; a sixth year program leading to Rank I certification; preparation for professional certification in Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education, Learning and Behavior Disorders, and Moderate and Severe Disabilities; endorsements in gifted education, English as a Second Language, literacy specialist, and teacher leader; professional certification preparation for School Principal, School District Supervisor of Instruction, School District Administrator of Pupil Personnel Services, and School Superintendent; the Master of Arts degree in Mental Health Counseling and Communication Disorders; the Specialist in Education degree in Educational Administration and Supervision, the Masters of Arts degree in Student Personnel Services in Higher Education, and the Doctor of Education Degree in Leadership and Policy Studies.  

PRAXIS Examination

Students must register for and take the PRAXIS exam which correlates to their degree program, per College of Education and Applied Human Sciences requirements. Refer to DegreeWorks for exam details. Effective Spring 2018, the PRAXIS exam must be taken prior to student teaching.

Master of Arts in Education (M.A.Ed.) and Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Program Requirements

Specific curricula and requirements for the Master of Arts in Education and Master of Arts in Teaching degree programs are provided in the College of Education and Applied Human Sciences individual program sections of this catalog.

Program Planning — During the first term, the candidate must develop a planned program. Subsequent changes of the program plan are permissible, but must be approved on the appropriate form by the advisor, the department chair, the college dean, and the graduate dean.

Transfer Credits — Candidates for the Master of Arts in Education degree are restricted to transfer of not more than twelve semester hours.