Academic Catalog

College of Business

EKU Campus

Dr. Thomas M. Martin, Dean
Business and Technology Center 214
(859) 622-8111

Dr. Patricia Isaacs, Associate Dean
Business and Technology Center 214
(859) 622-7701

Dr. Marcel Robles, Chair of the Faculty
Business and Technology Center 211
859) 622‑1117

Vision of EKU's College of Business

"Leading transformative education, preparing innovative professionals for global impact."

Foundational to our vision is the motto of former EKU Professor of Accounting, Dr. Jack L. Dyer, “We change lives for the better.” A transformative education prepares students to be innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial in their professional and personal endeavors. Graduates enter the world with a global focus in order to serve the service region of EKU, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and the world. This focus helps develop self-awareness of one’s identity, culture, and beliefs, appreciating diverse cultures and perspectives that will make EKU graduates more competitive and successful.

Mission of EKU's College of Business

"We are a School of Opportunity with a student-centered commitment to developing leaders through applied and interdisciplinary instruction, research, and collaboration, that positively impacts the world."

Our mission defines our purpose. We are a School of Opportunity, valuing who we include, not exclude. We provide access to education in business disciplines, delivering experiences that transform students into leaders with integrity and knowledge, adapting to changes in the global environment.

Our commitment to excellence is student-centered and made possible through collaboration and research with students, faculty, and the community.

College of Business Core Values


  • Excellence
    • Strive for the highest standard in all we do with a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Integrity
    • Maintain a culture of acting ethically, honestly, inclusively, and respectfully to all
  • Service
    • Commit to the good we can do for others through educational opportunities and community engagement

College of Business Core Competencies

Throughout the Business curriculum, students will be developing and building the following core competencies:

  • Functions of Business - Demonstrate knowledge base and acumen in the functional areas of business with an interdisciplinary approach
  • Sustainable Innovation – Apply quantitative analysis, critical thinking, and creative thinking in decision-making to design sustainable innovation.
  • Interactive Communication – Communicate effectively and interactively with consideration of audience, message, and delivery
  • Authentic Professional Brand – Achieve an authentic professional brand through self-development and the cultivation of emotional intelligence and a moral compass
  • Systems Thinking – Recognize the impact of macro environment (global, societal, and regulatory) factors and trends