Academic Catalog

Applied Social Science Analytics, Departmental Certificate

EKU Campus

Program Requirements

Certificate Requirements
Core Sequence
Social Science Research Methods:
Choose from one of the following:3
Research and Writing in Political Science
Social Work Research Methods
Research Methods
Research Methods in Economics
Research Methods II
Scientific Literacy in Psychology
Research Methods in Sociology
Data Science Fundamentals and Statistical Analysis:
Choose from two of the following:6
Research Literacy in Psychology
Applied Scientific Literacy in Psychology
Social Statistics
Applied Regression Analysis
Geoscience Data and Techniques
Geographic Information Systems
Advanced GIS
Sampling Methods
Criminal Justice Statistics
Research Development Skills II
R and Introductory Data Mining
Experimental Design
Primate Ecology & Sociality
Bio Anthropology Field Methods
Applied Research Experience:
Choose from one of the following:3
Capstone Seminar in Sociology
Capstone Course in Political Science
Archaeological Materials Analysis
Anthropology & Wicked Problems
Senior Seminar:___
Total Hours12