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Community Service

EKU Campus

The Community Service program coordinates a variety of service opportunities throughout the year that EKU students, faculty, and staff can participate in both on and off campus. Whether it’s to fulfill a class requirement or just to get involved, students looking for volunteer opportunities can visit to get connected with local volunteer opportunities that meet their individual needs and fit their busy schedules.

There are five main ways you can engage with the Community Service program at EKU:

  • Volunteer with Saturdays for Service: Since 2004, EKU students been partnering with local entities for service opportunities. Each event is a one time commitment, working with a different community partners, either in Richmond or nearby in our service region. Saturdays for Service occur on the first Saturday of each month. Transportation is provided.
  • Commit to a Community Partner: Our office has a variety of community partners within driving distance of campus. By signing up through OrgSync a student can commit to volunteering one time or regularly, by themselves or with a group of friends. This is a great way to fulfill volunteer requirements for class, connect with the community, learn about yourself, or gain experience for after college. Opportunities vary and are continuous, so a time can be found that works with each person’s schedule. You can learn about these many opportunities through our Part Time Job & Volunteer Fair hosted during Welcome Week.
  • Immerse and Serve on an Alternative Break: Alternative break trips are offered year round (fall, winter, spring, summer, and even weekends). Each trip has a focus on a particular social issue, such as (but not limited to) disaster relief, poverty, education reform, hunger, and environmental stewardship. Students learn about the social issues and then perform week-long projects with local non-profit organizations.
  • Join in on a Day of Service: Day of service events include onetime events throughout the academic year. Major Days of Service include 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance & Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Throughout the year these days of service include both on and off campus on time opportunities to serve and support our community.

Students interested in taking a more action in service have the opportunity to take up student leadership positions including joining some of our service-focused RSOs and the Service Council. For more information visit: or